Water soluble marker pen - something new to me and maybe to you too

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Thanks for being with me. This was meant to be the post for June 8th and not ramblings ..but I do not know what came over me and I just scribbled something..though Iam quite happy I got it out of my system.Thanks once again. Your words work better for me than any therapist. And, Neetu, big thanks for calling....

I'll post this one and go back to my reading...

Recently I tried out an item new to me and possibly to many people over here in India. What I'm going to show you today is a water soluble marker pen. With this you can directly draw over the fabric and embroider. One needn't worry about the pen marks remaining on the fabric even after the embroidery is washed.They will easily wash off and there'll be no traces at all.
I had bought this a few months back along with some brazilian embroidery supplies. The pen is Marvy Le Pen (Japan). Ofcourse, those who're familiar with this product may be aware of some other better ones too. But ,I'd no other option but to accept what she put in for me when I said water soluble marker pen.

To test it, I scribbled on a piece of cream colored poplin cloth. You can see that the dots have spread a little. Let us see if it washes off.

Then, I soaked it in some water, rinsed a litte and let it remain there for 10 minutes. Voila!! completely washed out!! Would that be the case with our ballpoint pens or carbon?

Here is my new prized possession..

This pen is a wonderful tool in case you're drawing directly onto the fabric. The butterfly above has been traced direcly onto a piece of organza.
By the way, Indians, have you by any chance seen these in Indian stores? Iam going to keep an eagle eye on the stationery section of the supermarket I visit. Those abroad, are their any other brands of water soluble markers which you use?This one costed about 2.5$ (150/- approx,a huge amount here for a silly pen). Normally, I would've never ever bought a 'pen' at such a price.But I just wanted to try out a new product and pass on the info to you. Probably some of you would like to own one too.

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  1. yes deepa, water soluble marking pen will cost you that much when you convert into Indian rupees. I got it from Dubai for 10dh that is around Rs.125/-. when you buy online, it will be more expensive.

    I hope we will get this stuff in India in near future.

  2. Yes Deepa ,I am using one which has two sides and one is water soluble and the other one disappears on its own.Mark-B-Gone is its name.My daughter got this for me from the US.

  3. Deepa... I use water soluble pens all the time, wonderful things they are.... there are some for light material (blue), and some for dark material (white).... there are two thicknesses, regular and fine point... I find the fine point hard to find. They are quite expensive even here in Canada... but I use mine all the time. I will hope to be getting some fine point very soon as I have ordered them from my supplier (I am opening my online store very soon where I will be selling fabrics and other quilting/sewing supplies... VBG!) I know you will enjoy your pen... just don't iron it, also you can just use a damp cloth, wet q-tips, etc. to clean it if you don't want to soak a whole item (because then you might have to "block" your work)... but if you do this, it may take a couple of goings over! Hugs.

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  5. Hi deepa,
    When I saw this pen here http://cgi.ebay.in/Pair-Water-Erasable-Cloth-Marking-Pens-/220701508245?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item3362d5c295 , I was reminded of this post of yours. Its from an indian seller that I ve ordered stuff from before..you can pay in rupees..and they are cheap too...have no clue about quality though...just letting you know


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