Brazilian Embroidery beginner's sampler

Here he is...

Indian Pride
(Click on the photograph for a better view)
I wish I could show it stretched and taut in a hoop - but the hoops I have are not big enough to show the complete design. I've washed the embroidered fabric but the yellow carbon marks have not gone yet. I guess I'll have to wash it a few more times to make it disappear.

So, that's it for now. The design is a little different from the usual wreaths and hearts - which would make it difficult for the hardcore traditional design enthusiasts to accept .Still, I think its a
good one for any beginner - 13 flowers and about 20 different stitches could be learnt here.

Oh, now I need to write down the instructions for the design for the sake of those coming to learn on July 3rd.I need to order threads and needles for them too. I just hope they reach here soon.

I've something totally different to show you in the coming posts. Do keep visiting.

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. It's lovely n innovative Deepa..

  2. Like very much your work!!! Now what you´ll do with this embroidery? a pillow ... put frame .... made a towel .... Now I am curious about!! :-)

  3. I wish I was going to be one of your students, Deepa! That's a beautiful project for learning all those stitches. Good luck with the workshop.

  4. He is so handsome, Deepa. I wish that I could come and take the class with you.

    Your students are going to really enjoy this.

  5. Deepa, this turned out beautifully! Great job. Hugs

  6. OMG!I always love peacock and yours is a really different form of it.Very innovative work.I love it.Wonderful work.

  7. Hi Deepa...I love,love this design. The Peacocklooks great with all the beatiful flowers. All the flowers and color make this fantastic. Beautiful work.

  8. wow...perfect sampler to learn stitches...fabuous idea

  9. Hi Deepa lovely peacock -great work.lucky students i envy us learn BE
    ansu chennai

  10. Deepa, I love your peacock. I would dearly love the pattern for it. Are you selling it? Connie

  11. hi deepa
    loved the 'indian pride' and the way you have made it floral.....
    Amazing work......

  12. It's so beautiful! All those different flowers, stunning!

  13. Hello Deepa, your peacock is so lovely! Thank you for visiting my peacock blog and leaving a comment. I'm glad you enjoy looking at my collection. I have some more that I want to embroider myself, but am trying to finish off other projects before I start anything new.

  14. If you swim to me your email I'll go over the translations.
    I'm also very happy to know that the Brazilian embroidery is known in India.
    I love to visit your blog. It has many interesting posts.

  15. have done a good work.very nice design.keep it up.


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