Embroidered bedlinen - Laid Work/Arab work

I managed the finishing touches of one more block today. This one was a totally different experience for me ( do I say that for every block?)
The story goes like this - A few weeks back, Meri had gifted me a magazine on Castelo Branco embroidery.In this magazine, I came across a stitch called Ponto Castelo Branco . I was at that time looking out for a suitable stitch to fill out one of the floral blocks. Well, the said stitch did seem suitable. The Ponto Castelo Branco looked very similar to couching on satin stitch.I looked around and found that this stitch is similar to Laid work . If you're curious,there are good references at chestofbooks.com and Heritage Shoppe. Though the images and tutorial looked quite easy, the final outcome did not turn out to be so satisfactory. But,boy!! - it was a time consuming job. Here is the pic

The couching has turned out to be kind of wavy and the middle petal of the flower on the left has gaps. I think I did not lay the foundation stitches well. The colors look a little dull,but the overall effect is fine. I've used straight couching stitches over the foundation to tie it down . But there are a lot of other methods too - for instance, you could use split stitch or plaited stitch . The threads used are usually heavy. In my case, I tried silk without even practising the method once..duh!!!
The leaves are stitched with alternate satin stitch and the flowers are blanket stitched with perle cotton.

And guess what!!! if this work is outlined with stem stitch - it becomes Arab work...:)

One more block done...5 more to go...yippeee..... :)

Thank you Meri, for the inspiration ...and thank you all for visiting inspite of my irregular posts.

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. Deepa! This is so pretty! I'm glad you've tried Ponto Castelo Branco.
    It's interesting that in your first link if you scroll down you'll find the (48) Indo-Portuguese Laid-Work :))
    And I have an old book that shows the way to stitch Ponto Castelo Branco just like in your link to plaited stitch - and the book says that is the way one can save the expensive silks used in that kind of embroidery!!!

    We are all connected !

  2. Gorgeous! And the colours are lovely. You are sure moving along fast on this... only five block to go, you must be very excited! Hugs.

  3. Hi, Deepa, I was on the link that you give; very interesting plaited st! Is it not too difficult or long?

  4. Meri,
    Yes, we are connected :) Isn't it wonderful!!!
    I did try plaited stitch for this block initially, and yes there is a starting trouble.The stitch doesn't look very elegant,it reminded me of weaving.I think I'll try again in some other piece.
    Yes,Iam trying to finish off, but now I seem to be spending more time on counting how many I've left to complete :)
    The block "has to be" lovely coz I've used your threads :)


  5. hi deepa
    this is so pretty
    colours are too good

  6. Hi Deepa ... Your work is so pretty! Although I have fancied being a hobby embroideress(?) since I was in high school, it is now that I am really picking up my threads! I think your site will help me find my way too .. :-) I loved your Chemanthi tutorial too ... it looks beautiful. Have you tried the Kashmiri stitch? When I looked it up online it mostly shows fly stitch which is totally not Kashmiri stitch at all!! Have a good day!!


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