Embroidered bedlinen - Another block

Last time when I had posted the full view of the Embroidered bedlinen, there were a couple of blocks that had been reserved for another day. One was the ceylon stitch block and the next one is this...

I took this pic in the evening -that's why the dull image. The stitch I've used here for petals is not usually used for florals. It is a preferred stitch for leaves. I think you can see why. I was rather apprehensive initially when I started the flower. I even had second thoughts after the first petal. I tried outlining too but did not like the effect - the flower lost its beauty that way. After pulling out the outlining , I decided to go ahead and stitch the rest of the petals. Once it was completed,it looked much better. Kind of different - but pretty.

Oh..oh..I have not told you about the stitch ,have I ? - the stitch used here is Vandyke stitch with herringbone stitch for the center and long blanket stitch for the pistils. The leaves are stitched with outline stitch. A couple more blocks are done,but the pictures have not come well. I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Till then,
Love,luck and sunshine,


méri said…
Looks pretty, Deepa!
In fact it's different but works very well, i like it.
Miss 376 said…
I like this, very effective
Hi Deepa
this is so beautiful
Heather said…
Deepa... that's the beauty of most forms of needlepoint/art... you can design it however you want and it is not wrong :) I think it is looking lovely! Hugs.