Embroidered Bed linen - Blanket stitch, Berry Stitch,Fishbone stitch,Chemanthy stitch

A simple block this time...

The tiny petals are stitched with Berry Stitch . It is nothing but two lazy daisies stitched one inside the other. Do I have to tell you about the others?

A filler in between... chemanthy flowers, satin stitch flowers, and french knot flowers with blanket stitched leaves. See the Chemanthy tutorials here, here and here .

Next week, I'll show you the full view of the whole bedlinen. Hmm.. on second thoughts,should I? You're curious,aren't u? :) I've not even completed half of the pattern,a lot more blocks left. Be patient.

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. Hi Deepa,

    I am following ur bed linen work.. nd little curious to see the entire piece.
    Take care

  2. The berry stitch is very effective, not one I've come across before

  3. Hi Deepa, I am very curious to see a full view of the bedlinen. Waiting for your next post...

  4. Lovely! Waiting with anticipation, VBG!

  5. Hi Deepa,

    Hope there is only one block to go (counting curiously every time you post the pictures of each block).

    The entire piece is going to be lovely.

    Very fine work.

  6. Hi Deepa, Its my first visit here. Must compliment you on your work - its extremely neat and comes out well.
    Looking forward to see the complete project.

  7. looking forward to see your completed project....nice work...berry stitich, something new...

  8. looking gorgeous...can't wait to see the completed work

  9. I am also a lil curious to see the whole piece.. good work going on.. came across a lot of stitches which are new to me..Thanks

  10. Good going Deepa. I am sure the finished linen will look gorgeous.

  11. Hello Deepa, Your stitching is all very lovely, I especially love the Honeycomb blandet stitch. Hugs Judy

  12. Deepa, Haven't gone through all the stitches yet, but so far this is my favourite.

    The whole quilt is gorgeous..a marathon effort, but well worth it...looks perfect to me.

    Congratulations on creating a magnificent heirloom

    xx hugs


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