Embroidered Bed Linen - pattern tracing and thread color selection

Yesterday, I transferred the pattern to the fabric . It was a rather tedious job,considering that this is the 4th or 5th time Iam drawing the whole thing. Initially, a rough sketch of the whole design was put togther in 4 parts.Then, the actual design was created again in 4 separate sheets for each part of the circle.Later it was combined and traced on to a big chart as shown in this post.And finally, the whole design was traced onto the fabric.

I used dark yellow Kores carbon for tracing. Unlike blue or black carbon, these do not leave marks on the fabric.We don't get iron on transfer papers or patterns here-not even transfer pencils or washable fabric markers. Hopefully very soon these too will be available in the market.


Now for the colors.

I've been pondering over the color choices to be made. Heather's suggestion of using the same tone made me just put together the little stash I've for a decision to be made.

I've separated the stash into three bunches and kept on the fabric just to analyse how it looks.

The silks- these colors go with green,don't they? That orange seems to be a little too bright.

The bright colors - they'll stand out anywhere.We Indians love these, but does a bed linen need these colors?

The subtle ones - cool colors that calm you,except for the one without tags in between.

Hmm... If you ask me what my decision is - duh!!! *sigh* I think , I'll go with the first and the last bunch. And...may be a li'l bit ...just a teeny weeny bit...of the second to feel "bright" in between :)
What do you say?

Love,luck and sunshine,


Anonymous said…
I'm sure some of us from the US would be happy to purchase some of the water-soluble-ink pens for you to use on your next project. (I know, your Indian readers couldn't all buy them locally, but we could send a package to you.) Maybe you could hold another drawing for them for your local readers? Just a thought. I'm eagerly awaiting more progress on your project. You can see, I am a little behind in my blog reading. I've been getting my second son ready to leave for Univeristy (sad mother face ....). Write on, I enjoy it very much. Stitchery and cultural infomationall in one!
Deepa said…
Yes, that's a great thought,Anon (why didn't you leave a name?)Iam sure my fellow embroiderers in Indian would be overjoyed if I hold a drawing like that.
Susan/CqLily said…
Although the yellow sounds quite interesting, since it sounds as if it may not show as much...? Just thinking out loud here. Deepa, I really like your drawing and that you came up with this and 'perfected' it. What a talent! Can't wait to see it progress...
Susan/CqLily said…
Deepa, Do you have a way we can email you to get details about mailing, etc?
Deepa said…
Susan, my email id is deepabalagopal@gmail.com
Michelle said…
I have no idea why I show up as anonymous, but I'm not! Michelle, Houston, Texas
shobha said…
this sooo superb and cute i like it and i will save this page