August Give Away

Hello everyone...

As promised,here's the giveaway. Though I've stated the reason for giveaway as a birthday special, it's infact more of a thank you to all my blogland friends for visiting, reading and encouraging the rather hesitant steps I take towards better embroidery.

Going back in the memory lane... Books and all kinds of crafts have always fascinated me. My parents did encourage me to read ,but crafts were limited to the ones taught in school. With the help of my mother I did learn some knitting,crochet and embroidery-may be for an year or so. Iam grateful for that effort from her side which sparked an interest within me.But soon studies got prioritised and the last time I touched a needle for embroidery was when I was 15.

Exactly 15 years later,after the birth of my daughter, I (re)started the journey and here Iam ...between so many embroidery enthusiasts,watching each step of mine - stumbling,tumbling and getting up to learn as well as teach..I hope you all will remain with me for a long time to come :)

O.k,memories's what I've in store for you...

A bunch of Indian stuff...the biggest spool is called Cone thread,used for Kamal Kadai work and Dori embroidery.You can use it for surface embroidery too.Let me show you some closeup pics.

Kundans - pink circular ones and yellow heart shaped. These are used for embellishing.

Blue leaf shaped kundan beads. I didn't bother to take them out.

Silk Zari yarn-gold and silk combined.

Rimjhim thread - It's a kind of fuzzy thread used for decorative embroidery. Jane,do you see a resemblance here?

Well, that's what is in store for one lucky person.

Wait, Iam not done yet - I've kept something for a second lucky one too...not much,but something is better than nothing, right?
This is especially for Indians - I've prepared a few strands of each type of BE threads for anyone who would be interested in trying out BE for the first time.Mind you, they are not much,but will be sufficient for a small beginner's project.

Hey!! don't smirk!! these are worth dollars ;)
Lakshmi, I think I've fulfilled your need to see different types of BE threads together.Click on the pic for a closer view. From left to right - glory,iris,nova,lola,boucle and lola. If you want to know more about BE threads,read part 1 here and part 2 here

So, that's the giveaway. To be considered for this, leave a comment here answering the below question .
What do you like about this blog? Also specifically state which one do you want -Indian, BE or both. Remember, BE threads are only for Indians residing in India.

You can comment here till August 9th,Sunday. I'll announce the winner on monday,august 10th.International entries are welcome for the first lot. Indians can attempt both.

Try your luck!! All the best!!!


Oooo! Look! Sparkles!


Thanks for the glimpse of Indian threads. And yes, it does look like Estaz but better as it looks thinner.

We are very lucky to be living today when so many lovely threads are available for our embroidery.
méri said…
Oh!!! Hope you have had a happy birthday last Monday!

Great giveaway...I like everything in your blog because you show and teach exquisite and unusual embroidery - if I have to choose: I like very much Indian embroidery!
Miss 376 said…
I have really enjoyed the tutorials you have done, particularly the Indian embroidery. Through you I had my first look at chementhy embroidery
Debbie said…
That's such a nice and generous bunch of goodies in the 'Indian stuff', Deepa. One of the things I like about your blog is the great photos with good close ups. Thanks for counting me in.
Heather said…
Hi Deepa - am I really the first to jump in here??? These are lovely threads and would be wonderful for any embroider enthusiast! I'll not be shy and put my name in... lovely!
Kanmani said…
Hi Deepa,

I have been a silent reader so far and cant stay silent after seeing the goodies ;)
I like your tutorials sections the most and yes the posts too. Its through your blog I have learnt so many new things. Count me in for both of ur give aways.

First of all, belated happy birthday..Hope you had a blast...

When I read this post, it sounded as if it was similar to mine. I used to do lotsa of embroidery for my SUPW classes from 6th to 9th standard. Then studies got the first preference. Then i learned more embroidery stiches from one of my friend after my delivery when i was sitting at home taking care of my twins. Once again i took a full stop from this art. After joining office, I was infact introduced to once again to the world of stiching thur you via Indusladies. I in fact linked your blog to mine. and there you are ...introduced me to other genius in this stiching world.

I learned a lot from your blog and others. In fact i've tried couple of stiches and have done work in my chudithaar. Will post it soon.

Coming to the give away, I want "Both"..hahahahaha

Good going........
Kalavathi said…

I like your clear and easy to follow instructions, i am also from Bangalore and tried to get in touch with you earlier, but with no luck , hope the time is now.

I love embroidery time is main constraint for the way i keep in touch is by reading and looking at the new creations and i do attempt on my dresses....

Looking forward to continue the relationship....Happy birthday in advance....
Kalavathi said…
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Ninu said…
aha.. great giveaway deepa..What I like abt ur blog is ur neat tutorials..
n to be specific put my name in for both :D
happy birthday in advance
crazyqsis said…
I like the ethnic embroidery you post. I just love the threads I am from Canada so Im not sure I qualify but would love to try using the spools of thread they look really neat.
Anusuya said…
Dearest Deepa,

Please count me in for both. I just love everything in your blog and if i had to specify anything in particular, it would be BE and your Indian embroidery tutorials.

I would love to be in touch with you forever....n ever. And if possible do sign in on gmail chat again someday :D......

With lots of love,
jayashree said…
Hi Deepa,

Happy Birthday and may you have many more lovely adventures in your needlework sojourn.
I love your tutorial section and especially the BE section and hope to finally learn it from you someday. The last time was a definite slip between the cup and the lip.

Pls count me in for the BE giveaway as I would atleast like to touch and feel the threads.

Have a great Birthday!!!
Madhavi said…
Belated Birthday wishes....have a great year ahead
Oya's Art said…
Hi Deepa,
How are you?
I have a request from you.I want the black white big Shiva drawings and different İndia patterns sent me Mail.Please.For my handiwork
Your works amazing.
Congratulations for you.
My mail
Take care of yourself.
Stay with love.Bye.Oya
RajiSaj said…
Hi Deepa,

just to ask u something ... from where can i get that rimjhim thread??? i couldnt find it here at cochin??? is it possible to buy online?