Golden Peacock

Life's busy.Lectures,assignments,presentations are all what I think about these days. Needles and threads have been relegated to the background ,but they have not disappeared from the scene.So you can hope to see something in the next few days.

While I was not exactly in the mood for starting something new today, I did try to finish off a fabric painting that I had started a couple of months back. Not exactly a professional finish,but for someone who wields brush once in 6 years, I think have done a reasonably neat job.

The pic looks better in the original .The only color used is Gold metallic on a white base. Took me around 6 hours to complete. The circles on the feathers seems to need one more coat.

How would the same pattern look with multiple colors or embellishments? I have a good mind to try the variation. Will give this to be framed this weekend. Iam yet to decide if to keep it or gift it.

See you soon with another needlework adventure,

Love,luck and sunshine,


Hello Deepa,
Good work.I thought it was block print types.Try to add some mirrors in the feather before framing.Dont you think the peacock is less glamorous without the shine?
nima said…
Peacock looks pretty....I too think it need some embellishment.
Heather said…
Very nice Deepa! I think it would lovely in multiple colours.
Glass Beads said…
It is lovely and neat. Even I would say a little bit of embellishment would enhance the beauty.
Deepa said…
Jayashree,Nima,Heather and Anitha,
Thanks a lot for your suggestions.Let me see what I can come up with.

Ninu said…
your painting is very neat..nice work.. i also think it needs some embellishment..anyway great work..