Where do I go from here? -Last outlining technique :Overcast stitch

Finally, the last method I could think of for outlining- Overcast stitch .

I know,I know, the flower looks the kind which blooms during recession. Whenever I try to freehand this is what happens.This method does need patience. First you've to place a six strand thread on the outline and then cover it up with satin stitch. I stopped with three petals and attempted the method again on another flower.

The second attempt turned out to be better. Well, with this method out of the way and myself running short of any more outlining ideas , I had to tackle another issue - Miriam very thoughtfully initiated me towards it when she asked in my last post on outlining - How does this pillow case look? Till then I hadn't given it a thought and was randomly stitching flowers here and there with just the outlining possibilities in mind. But....when I glanced at the piece of cloth ,here's what I saw.

Aarrrgh.... Iam stumped!!! The question is - what do I do with this? I did unpick the 'D' stitched with scroll stitch since it was looking a little odd in the middle of all those flowers. But what next? I should've atleast thought about the flower placements,but now nothing can be done. I assume I'll need a massive burst of creativity to tackle this one and it doesn't seem to coming at present. Any ideas or suggestions?
In the meanwhile Iam going to wash and iron this piece - it badly needs a clean up.

Love,luck and sunshine,


Vines! Do curling and twining vines to connect the flowers and then fill in with leaves where you have empty spots....
I'm no expert, but what if you just made some more random flowers in the same style? I don't think it's written anywhere that they have to be joined up, so why not be random and tell everyone you planned it that way!
Deepa said…
Thanks both of you..My initial idea was to just have random flowers, but when I finished with the various techniques, I found too little flowers in too large a space. I did try the vines too,but somehow it didn't look too good ,so I unpicked the whole lot.Probably I'll go back to the initial idea and fill up the space with a few more flowers.
Thanks once again...
Sangheetha said…
Hi Deepa,
You can try chevron,half chevron for outline.
It may not be exactly outline stitch but kind of :-)
Neet said…
You stitches are so clean!
How do you manage to keep them all equal??
Deepa said…
Well, Neet,I've never felt that they are equal,though I do try...are they really? I guess it comes with practice and yes, concentration.