Student's dimensional embroidery- Cottage garden

Iam flying high in the sky,
Do you know why?
I've just received a pic,
Which is abzolutely fantastic..
I love it so,
Coz .......(me thinking.....,err..umm...grrr...,my poetic inspiration has come to an end here )


I think I'll explain the rest in prose..

If you remember, I'd conducted a workshop on BE sometime back. Well, one of the ladies, Janaki from Tirupur has mailed me a picture of her completed piece. Janaki is an accomplished teacher in Indian embroidery and does works on saris and other dress materials. This was the first time she had come across BE and rayon threads. But see what she has done.

I've taken a photo of a photo, hence the glare. Still, isn't it lovely? I assume it is her own design and she has applied all the stitches and techniques learnt in that one day.She has mixed BE threads and pearl cotton threads to create this piece. Understandable since the rayon threads are not available here.

Here's a closeup of the left side. She has combined Indian embroidery techniques also.The cottage ,the path and the big leaves on top seem to be in shadow work.

This is the right side. Look how beads have been used instead of french knots for the centre of the flowers.

I love this...The tree with tiny flowers .

So, wasn't it wonderful? I feel as though I've accomplished something great. (big smile). Being a teacher always has its golden moments.
Iam in the mood to pick up my BE again. But before that ,Iam going to celebrate..will tell you about it soon.

Love,luck and sunshine,


Miss 376 said…
It must be lovely to see one of your students produce such a wonderful piece of stitching. Makes all the hard work you did worthwhile.
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have two very accommodating boys that give me the time to do what I want to do. DS2 does some with me which is enjoyable
It's really stunning and positively inspired! And yes, it is great teaching, isn't it! (though I have never taught needlework). Well done to both of you.
Ninu said…
great to see ur student's creation.looks really beautiful.its proved that u r a wonderful teacher..Keep going..
Veda Murthy said…
your embroidery n ur blog is fabulous deepa!