Reader's Embroidery - Kundans and petal stitch on top

Some days back , when I opened my inbox, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new mail...WOW!! If you ask why pleasantly surprised , the reason is, my inbox is usually empty.All I get is some forwards from my husband. The mail was from Mahalakshmi, a homemaker who has been embroidering for over 27 years. She wanted to show pictures of embroidery she had done on her daughter's top inspired from this tutorial of petal stitch .
Here are the pics.They are not exactly closeups, you can click on them for better view.

This is the full view of the top. You can see the embroidery on the sleeves, neck and the lower part. I like the color of the top, usually my choice of colors would be something like this one.

A closer view . The circular flowers have kundan in the centre and kundan petals with running stitch around. There's also a variation of fly stitch used inbetween . You can also see the petal stitched patterns alternately

More petal stitch. Click here for the tutorial

A close up of the neck portion. Simple, but elegant. Usually , when embroidery is done on dress materials , a simple rule is followed - don't have a overdose of too many variety of stitches or colors. That rule has been followed here. Mahalakshmi has used just three types of stitches and a single color for the embroidery. It is perfect!!!

Iam so glad that my ROSE sampler has proved to be an inspiration to someone. By the way, I love seeing pictures like these, and ofcourse getting mails... ( I hope you get the hint )


Sangheetha said…
Hi Deepa,
Seeing your tutorial I also tried Petal stitch. But just tried. Now I am inspired by this Top, I will try and if I complete I will send a pic :-)

Too many things to do and no time :-(.

Way to go Deepa!!! Keep going!!!
Kathy said…
Mahalakshmi's work is pretty on her daughter's top. Thanks for sharing the pictures.