Free embroidery pattern resources

Been a while since I shared some links with you. Infact, its sometime since I googled around for embroidery resources. Well, I looked around a bit and found some interesting ones.
Thanks to twokitties, I found a rather interesting set of pictures, very different and unusual.These are actually coloring pictures of animals of the world for children,but this could be easily converted into embroidery patterns.Here's one such picture from .

Here's the link to the whole set of 12 animals

If you're interested in crewel embroidery here's the link to a vintage pattern at twokitties. Click on the Download scan link to download it. has quite a collection of embroidery patterns. Check out the archive here.




Hello Deepa,
Thats a wonderful post on animals.Trying to visualise browns and yellows for the picture effect either in painting or thread work.Its a definite treat.I have been idling time trying to gather all the energies and planning the shifing from MumbaiHave saved the site recommended and in due course will try.
Jackie said…
Hi Deepa Thank you for your comment. This is a lovely resource thank you for sharing it.
Neet said…
Hi Deepa,
Your blog have been so informative. I have been a lurker for quite some time, after which I started following your blog, but this is the first time I am writing in... Well, lazy I guess, really don't have an excuse.
Your creations are beautiful!! And given your job profile, I can appreciate it even more! I have been on that side on the fence once, and I used to embroider ever night after coming back and before sleeping, but you even find time to record it all!! Kudos to you!!
Hi Deepa! Thank you so much for leaving the comment on my blog! I had to follow backwards to see who you were and was immediately enthralled with this cat picture...I would so love to embroider him/her!! I will be a regular visitor from now on!!
Mary Anne (MA)
sarah said…
Wow Deepa
I had been looking for something like this and so glad that I am seeing it here.:) Thanks for this collection. Now that I am resuming back to embroidery slowly, I would love to try them out!