Outlining techniques-Part 3

Next in the series of outlining methods - Chain stitch. I love this stitch because it is so simple to do and the outcome is so beautiful.

I've stitched the petals with chain and the base with back stitch. There are so many variations of the chainstitch that could be used for outlining. Couple of years back I'd done a sampler with just the chain stitch variations. No other stitches were used. Here are the pics

The top portion. The border lines are the different variations of chain stitches

The entire sampler. Click here to read the post on chain stitch sampler

So far I've posted 4 methods of outlining - stem,outline,split and chain. I tried a few more - some came out well while some not so. Will tell you about it in my next post.


méri said…
I'm following all these post with curiosity.
I love all the variations of chain stitch I know.
Your sampler is beautiful!
Shankari said…
Hello Deepa,

I just came across your blog and its lovely. I'm much interested in embroidery but with what I learnt in school and from my neighbour I did few. Then switched to Anchor cross stitch kits and done few. But these days getting good pattern in anchor has become seldom and I was just looking for a site like yours and I am so very happy that you are providing all step-by-step details. Have book-marked and will go through each and everything slowly.

Good work done and keep it up!!

Pls let me know the basic details like getting the base [8 count 16 count etc ] is there any link, for eg if I want to start with pillow covers - for that can I start directly on the white cloth or is it done on counted embroidery material over the cloth. PLs let me know..

I have the starting problem I mean I dont have clarity on basics. If you have any links regarding the same pls let me know.

Thanks in advance,