Basic sampler for workshop - Brazilian embroidery

Today I stitched overtime to finish off the sampler for the workshop tomorrow.Before you see the pic and form an opinion - let me just offer an excuse for the weird shape and the design of the sampler :)
Well , budget constraints of the participating members forced me to make up a design myself - no one was ready to spend 1000+ Rs for the kit .With 1000 Rs we can buy a few weeks groceries ;) Besides,the cost of the Rayon threads have given them a shock from which they'll take time to recover.
So I wanted something that would teach the very basics of BE to absolute beginners. Being not very talented in drawing ,I somehow managed a simple pattern. The pattern is not as polished as the typical BE patterns , but once you stitch this one you can be confident that you've learnt the basics. Why spend thousands of rupees on a piece of cloth with some strands of thread? If I were to distribute a specific pattern, I need to think of copyrights too. I guess, my way is the best way.
There's only one problem though - no one will like to frame this ,ha,ha. Here's the pic. Don't tell me that I didn't warn you :)

It'll let you practice approximately 15 stitches and 10 techniques with these stitches.Tomorrow the ladies will come (some travelling overnight to reach here) and I hope they are not disappointed.

Some finishing touches need to be done,but I've put it off for tomorrow. Or may be I wouldn't do it at all.

Will see you after the workshop,

Love,luck and sunshine,


Miss 376 said…
Hope the workshop goes well, I would love to be there. This sampler looks beautiful
coral-seas said…
Hi Deepa, best of luck with your class. I am sure that the ladies attending are going to be delighted with the stitches and techniques they will learn. Your design is a wonder way to sample them.

Have fun, CA
méri said…
I foumd it lovely!
Good luck for your workshop.
Anonymous said…
Deepa, When I go to a workshop it's to learn stitches and technique, rather than the magnificence of the design on offer. Your design provides a wide range of learning for your students and your work is high quality, so they should not be disappointed. I've been following your blog for a couple of months now, because your work is so lovely and I enjoy the tutorials as I'm fascinated by Indian embroidery. You've also made me think about the fact that crafters in other countries don't necessarily have access to the range of materials available here, nor can they easily afford them.
I hope your class goes well, best wishes,
Karen in Ballarat (Victoria, Australia)
Deepa said…
Thanks Karen.Your words have provided the much needed encouragement.Do keep in touch through comments or mails. Jane,Carol and Meri ,your kind words and comments always make my day.Thank you.
Heather said…
Deepa,your little sampler is wonderful for your class. I am sure the ladies will love it and they will all be so pleased with the variety of stitches they will be learning. Congratulations on both your class and your effort to provide an affordable choice for your students.

Wish you good luck for your classes being a teacher..Have fun

Your work is fabulous.....
Love coming back to your post.....
Maureen said…
Hope the class is going well, I'm sure your ladies will love what you have set up for them.
madhavi said…
hi deepa,
i had learned to do embroidery but haven't done anything off idea what is stopping me. Cing ur blog has made me rethink and start something.
thanks for the tutorials and you have a great blog.
EC said…
Everyone comes to a workshop to learn the stitch and basics..not the dont worry and all the best for the workshop..dont forget to take pics of all the wonderful work you and ur students do and post them on the blog
Kathy said…
Hi Deepa, hope your workshop went well. The sampler looks like the perfect piece to learn stitches and techniques. I too would like to learn BE. I purchased a book and have some threads to give it a try sometime. Your work is always so beautiful.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It is much appreciated. As for the metallic thread question. If you use shorter pieces it reduces the wear and tear on the thread. Otherwise it is always breaking. I think I cut them to about 12". It is a single strand too.
Sailaja said…
Hi Deepa
Very nice. I follow your blog on and off due to my busy touring schedule.I have been thinking of learning BE for long. Now you have motivated me to learn it. It is simply beautiful. Keep posting.