Back in action with BE Bullion sampler

Hi everyone!!!

Loooooooooooonnnnnnnnng time!!! Thanks to all who put in there best wishes for the workshop . And thanks to all the silent readers..I know your good wishes too are there with me..ain't so,ladies?

Yes, the workshop went well. The participants learned quite a few things and got frustrated with rayon threads :) They were so used to cotton yarn that they were yanking and pulling the BE threads just as they do with the others.The number was less-due to many cancellations since it was vacation time - but I don't think I could've managed a large number of people. Lesser the number, better one can teach and better they learn. But by the end of it I was sort of saturated with BE and didn't want to do it for some time - infact didn't want to touch needle and thread at all. Hence this gap in posting.Hope that explains :)

A couple of days back I took up my needle and thread to finish of the bullion sampler Iam working on . I added a few more flowers to it. Here it is -

French hydrangea and wisteria(right side). I made a wrong choice of thread for the wisteria .It looks kinda heavy. Should've gone for fine thread .

April flower

Here's the long shot.
Looking at the pic now , I think a couple more flowers could be added.Let me see what more can I come up with. Here's the pic of the other side .

Hope you enjoyed my return ;)
Love,luck and sunshine,


It's been long time since u've posted ...hope ur BE classes went on great...

I loved the april flower very much..and the wisteria!!! u r good at these....Keep rocking
Heather said…
Deepa, this is lovely.... sometimes it just helps to take a break, clears the mind and rejuvinates the soul!
craftirn said…
I was in that same group and since she only gave the trunk and some leaves, I don't see why the flowers can't be shown--you "made them up". Great job, I too have taken mine out to finish. I jsut may use your ideas!
bushra said…
HI Deepa

My name is Bushra ... i just visit ur site and i m love in it.

i wana make an april flower. plz have u any tutorial.. which stitch u used in making of this flower.. plz plz send me tutorial. i want to learn..


Bushra Kiran
Deepa said…
Sorry Bushra,I donot have tutorial for this.I can tell you the stitches - blanket stitch filling and then detached blanket stitch on top of it.