Update-Ellen's Basket and a lovely gift

Hello everyone,
Been a while since I last posted.3 and a half weeks to be exact.The climatic variations of Bangalore took a toll on the family and we've been playing ping pong with flu and its various associates for the past few weeks.

On the stitching front,I haven't been able to start anything new,but I did finish something which had been relegated to the background for a long long time.Here it is:

This piece is called Ellen's Basket.You can see the individual baskets under this category.After stitching up the various flowers during Sharon's stitch challenge TAST 2007,I just couldn't interest myself to stitch the baskets and slowly other projects got more priority than this one.Last week I picked it up again ,finished it yesterday,washed,ironed and now its going to be framed.
There's something else too that I want to share with you . Just a week back,I received a package from my dear friend Judy. (Iam linking to her wool felted pumpkin tutorial ,since that's what made me fall in love with her blog)
I was expecting the package since she had written to me,but had no idea about the contents. Let me show you what it contained:

A beautiful pink fabric (her favourite color and favourite flowers) ,some DMC threads, some more beautiful DMC Rayons ,silk ribbons and the whole set of needles for SRE (yippee!!) , a personally written letter (I love letters!!!) and a Western Michigan postcard showing off the lovely place she lives. THANK YOU Judy!!! You made my day,week,month and the coming months ;))
If anyone wants to write letters and share their thoughts, Iam here...write to me...I'll reply.

Love,luck and sunshine,


Miss 376 said…
What a beautiful embroidery, I love looking at the work that you do, it's beautiful
lakshmi said…
Hi Deepa this is lovely..
waiting for the materials eagerly..:)
Hello Deepa, Your Ellen's basket of flowers project is very pretty. Your stitching is glorious as always.

You are welcome for the goodies. I am glad you like the surprise and will find some wonderful projects to use them on. Hugs Hugs Judy
Maureen said…
Glad you are over the flu and are getting inspired again, Ellen's basket is beautiful and what a lovely surprise from Judy.
méri said…
What beautiful embroidery,Deepa!as usual:)
I am so looking forward to your next projects with such pretty stuff you have received from Judy!
Anonymous said…
awesome,great work keep it up thanks for sharing

some tips or samples for rim jim threads
Heather said…
Hi Deepa... thank you for visiting my blog, it is always nice to see new visitors - especially from so far away, I hope you will visit again. I have just looked over many of your posts... your work is absolutely wonderful.... my rush BE job certainly does not compare to your beautiful work! The lovely little package you received from Judy is wonderful... she is such a sweetie.
Laurette said…
Hi, Deepa.I am jut learning BE embroidery myself.I admire your work,it is very beautiful.I can hope to be as good as you one day.I got to look at your site through my girl blog,"A Cherish Life".I will be looking at your blog often.
nima said…
wow...beautiful work...
Glass Beads said…
How i wish i could take part in your workshop on saturday. I could have seen this lovely work in real.

very beautiful work Deepa.
EC said…
I discovered ur blog only after I have shifted out of blg..I was stayed in bg road..How I wish I was there now, I would have seen all ur amazing works and taken part in the workshop too
Kathy said…
Ellens basket of flowers is beautiful. I like the circle effect.