Roses on ROSE , a confused state of mind and a proposed BE workshop

A friend of mine has asked me to 'decorate' her bedspreads with some good handwork.That has put me in a spot - I've never done this before.I usually do very small pieces and try to finish it before my patience runs out.

I've said yes to her(am I ever able to say NO? )
I've to show her some suitable designs for her to choose from. She needs a center pattern and then something on the corners.Moreover she told me that the sheets are black in color - which color looks good on black ? - yellow , cream?? - aargh!!! My choice of colors has always been lacking in oomph.

I think I'll settle for fabric painting rather than embroidery , it'll save a lot of time.But where do I get the designs ?Confusion, confusion..

With this state of mind, I added something to my ROSE sampler. Here it is.

Will you be able to identify the stitch?(not bulllions) These roses will look good on dresses , won't they?

Proposed BE Workshop

Iam planning a one day Brazilian Embroidery workshop at my place (Bangalore) in the month of April (4th) for those interested in learning BE. Bangaloreans, will you be interested? You can either bring the supplies or get it from me.If you are interested , mail me for registering yourself and for other details . You'll be charged a nominal fee for registration.My Email Id is in the sidebar.


lakshmi said…
hi depa,
is this ringknot in the middlle surrounded by stem stitch by anchor threads..!!??quite interesting..
Deepa said…
You've got the stem stitch part correct. But the centre is not knots.Knots could be used too.