Fly stitch, Plaited Fly stitch and the Indian Version - Muvvala stitch

I've had a pretty hectic week until today.On Sunday my 3 year old had a dance performance for her school's annual day- infact all 30 in her class were on stage , jumping up and down while the song played. A proud moment for us parents.

Well, the aftermath of that show wasn't exactly a happy one, she fell ill soon after we reached home - it's just cough,but imagine a tiny tot coughing for hours altogether without sleeping.So nights are busy - she coughs at night, and falls asleep early in the morning.Doc says the chest is clear, and now we're trying to find out if it is some allergic reaction.On top of all this, I had a deadline looming over my head to value 50 answer sheets and submit it at the University and ofcourse, a two hour lecture. Phew!! I was sapped by the end of the day yesterday. 4 more days of the week yet to come.
Thanks for reading through my yammering.I'll get on with the new stitch for ROSE.(Click here to view all the stitches under ROSE)

This week's stitch is a simple one and commonly known- but I wanted to put on record an Indian variation of the same. The stitch is Fly stitch aka Y Stitch or Open loop stitch . You can find the video tutorials at Mary Corbet's Needle'n thread .

Fly stitch in circle using double colors . Isn't it pretty?
There's also a variation of the fly stitch known by the name Plaited fly stitch.Here the stitches are worked one upon the other.

Now for the Indian variation - this one is a variation of plaited fly stitch. Here is the image.

Instead of working the lower line straight, for each pair it slants towards each other. This stitch is known by the name Muvvala stitch. Muvvala means anklet and the next pic will convince why it is called so.

Muvvala stitch

Indian Anklet. Isn't there a resemblance ?

Iam done with the learning for this week. I need to finish the Bullion flower sampler and Iam trying my hand at cutwork ,but the outcome has not been good at all. The project requires tiny stitches and somehow I cannot seem to make them tiny. I'll try a few more times and then tell you the result.

Till then, Ciao.

Love,luck and sunshine



Glass Beads said…
This looks perfect to be worked on tunic, may be on the neck line. i think I will try this. thanks deepa.
Anonymous said…
i wish your daughter a speedy recovery....

the slanting fly stitches are really beautiful.........

Deepa said…
Thanks Anitha, Anu.
Rengin Yazitas said…
I wish your precious daughter heals soon.
Your stitches are so nice, thanks so much for sharing. I would love to try them.
Best wishes from Istanbul,
Anonymous said…
Ahhh.... your stitches are beautiful and it obviously shows you are talented! Thanks for sharing it because this will help me in my summer exams!
Many Thanks
Petal, from Manchester

P.S. I hope your daughter is well!
Mousumi said…
Hi Deepa,

I chanced upon your blog... and i must say i am in awe of all the embroidery you do.

I am big, BIG follower of embroidery and various stitches and practice it religiously!

I love what you do!

Take care