BE Bullion flower sampler and some copyright issues

Couple of weeks back I had to remove some posts of a certain project due to copyright issues. Till the problem cropped up, I was under the assumption that I had a fair idea of what copyright is - copyright prevents you from copying contents from a site and reposting it. If posting a pic or quoting from a source, link back to the same. Patty of pipstitch has also mentioned copyright in her latest post . The confusion now is, are we not allowed to post work in progress of designs for fear of copying? I do feel that however hard we may try,'experts' will still copy . If I post a close up shot of my work in progress, would I be breaching copyrights? what do you think?

Anyways, today I finally picked up the piece again and continued my trials with bullions.This is what I added.

I worked on this rather randomly ,just keeping the idea of the flower in mind. And I was a little too eager to finish it off. Brazilian embroidery should be done with lot of time in hand and patience . Otherwise even the tiniest of bullions would end up in a mess .( see the pic above to prove my point).

Since I've deleted all the previous pics and since I cannot show you the long shot of the design, here are a few close ups .

My bullions seem to seasonal, they 'bloom' well at times and other times they are a total mess.As I wrote before - patience is the key.

Ok, Iam off to add a few more flowers to the sampler - may be better bullions this time.

Will keep you posted.

Love, luck and sunshine,



craftydiane said…
I am a little confused. Are you saying that you cannot show the a picture of the whole piece you are embroidering because it would be copywriting? That is insane! I you bought a pattern then it becomes yours. And although you cannot make copies of the pattern and sell them, if you embroidery that pattern it is your work and you should be able to show a picture of the whole thing! Your embroidery stitches do not belong to anyone but you. I think people go a little overboard on this copyright thing. I would never make a copy of someones pattern and resell it, but I sure don't see anything wrong with showing pictures of my whole piece I embroidered myself! My gosh what do they expect you to do, put it in a drawer somewhere and not display it in your home for fear someone might see it and copy their pattern?!! How insane would that be?!!!
craftydiane said…
Well, I was ranting so that I completely for got to tell you how beautiful your work is! I have not yet mastered the boullion stitch like you have!
Have a Blessed Day,
neki desu said…
i wish i could come close to your so called bullion mess:)
re copyright issue: it's come to a point where insanity prevails.and the bottom line is that everything has been done before.HA! for unique and original

neki desu
Have been referring to your blogs for guidance.Hope as you mentioned i have not violated your rights to lteach/larn thru your works.Ah yes.....There was supposed to be a meesy bullion rose stitch to be looked at!If you can circlt it will be wonderful not to repat the all means Your work isFlawless and neat.
Deepa said…
Oh,no are by no means violating my rights ;) My problem was that I was charged with violating someone else's right when all I had done was show the stitching I had done on her design.It was a group project and I should've restricted the pictures to the group alone.Well, life is all about making mistakes and learning from them :)
Deepa said…
By the way, I've not been able to understand what you wrote about the bullion stitch - you've learnt it or do you want to learn it?
శృణి said…
You are woman of creativity Deepa! Love the way you are creating stuff! I would have loved to do something like you but life does not allow everybody do what they love to do!
Appreciate your patience and intricacy in creating extra ordinary designs :-)
Thanks Deepa.Definetly want to learn it.....The attempts made were very disheartening[didnt look like the stitch as it got knotted up] and i restrict myself to simple knots.Your work is lingering in my mind.[bullion rose].Hope to get a neat finished look like yours.
Continuingto reply, the mess you have written in the Yellow bullion,to prove a point..It puzzles me to find the work messy!That i requested you to circle!Never Mind.
Hello Deepa, Very interesting about what the other person thought about copyright violation. I think she is totally wrong. WE buy the pattern and we stitch on it and we have the right to show our stitching talents. I am in an online class at the moment for BE and all 15 ladies are showing their BE stitching of the pattern we are using and NO one has complained about us violating copyright laws. I am soooo sorry I missed seeing your BE stitching completely.

I find BE a real challenge. I hope one day my BE stitching looks like your BE mess. VBG YOU do very lovely stitching no matter what kind of stitching you are doing. Big Hugs Judy