Kantha Embroidery

Here is one of the unfinished attempts of 2008,completed and snapped.

Kantha embroidery

The pic is rather blurred since our dear 'sun' has gone on a winter vacation. I would never ever forget this piece -know why? While stitching this, my 3 year old came to me demanding to let her 'titch' too and guess what? I let her.But I had to resort to the stab method to accomodate her wish. I would stab the needle down and she would pull, I would stab it up and she would pull again. Each time she would pull the needle so much that it would come out of the thread.I would thread it and repeat .This went on for quite some time...... She was so happy to be 'titching' with her amma...I would do it a million times just to see her jump around with joy!!!


Miss 376 said…
My boys started stitching like that, they used to look so proud of what they had done
Anonymous said…
The fog has priority over the sun here in the central valley where I live. A fairly normal winter day. I love your Kantha and the sweet patient story of your daughter's stitching with her mom.

Best wishes,