Embroidered,embellished Indian attire

The skirt with embellished embroidery known as the Ghagra
The Choli or the blouse

A closer view of the work on the skirt

one more..

close,close,closer... :)

Oh, no..don't give me compliments.Iam not the creator of this lovely work. I paid about 7800/- for this one..(slightly less than 160$).Just got it today . My DH had a heart attack when he saw this one- not because of the money - but because of the choli/blouse. It reveals the midriff(though there's a shawl alongwith the dress to cover up) and he's flabbergasted.He says his parents will never approve.Sigh!!! Why do we always have to look for approval from others? It was my longkept secret desire to wear one.Iam having second thoughts.
Does any one want it? Send me the money,I'll pack it off for you .


  1. Deepa, it's BEAUTIFUL!! The fabric and embroidery are stunning, and I love the colors. I don't suppose there's a way to alter it so that the midriff is not revealed? Perhaps a flared insert, that would lie over the top of the waist of the skirt? Sort of like a second tiered layer, like the layer at the base of the skirt? Of course, it would have to work perfectly with the fabric and adornment, otherwise it would look altered....

    I just love the fabric and the embroidery. It really is breathtaking!

  2. Don't be silly. Trot over to your mother-in-law's house with the new outfit and ask her opinion. She'll be flattered to be asked what she thinks and you'll have an ally.

    Tell her frankly your husband thinks perhaps it is too revealing and you want her opinion before you return it because it is sooooo lovely and she knows just what is appropriate.

  3. Oh Deepa, you have to keep this. It was your dream. Wear it in the house, for you husband, or just for yourself, but wear it.


  4. Oh dont give it away Deepa. it is so lovely. I am sure your MIL too will like it.

  5. Dear Deepa,
    The dress looks great.I am sure it will look great on you,too.I know your feeling.Remember the Panchatantra Tale about the Donkey and the Oldman -- you can never please all of them all the time;but you can please yourself,atleast,all the time and do what you feel is fitting[pun unintended].

  6. oh no this is a keeper!!
    tell your MIL that yoyu got it bcse it reminded you of her.
    a little flattery goes a loooong way :)

    neki desu

  7. Chilly Hollow has the best idea!
    If that doesn't work, just wear it when your in-laws aren't around.
    Wow, that is _so_ gorgeous.

    Sandy D


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