Petal Stitch-ROSE project

A new week has begun and I've learnt a new stitch for ROSE.Shall I share it with you?

This time the stitch is called Petal Stitch aka pendant chain stitch.It is a combination of two well known stitches - outline stitch and detached chain or lazy daisy.Needlecrafter has a diagram for it and another illustration is here . Both illustrations refer to stem stitch and lazydaisy combination.Needlecrafter points the chain downward whereas fruncesybordados stitches it upwards.The method differs slightly in both the cases.I tried both and I think Petal stitch is a combination of outline stitch and lazydaisy rather than stem stitch.Only then the name Pendant chain suits it.When you see the pics you'll know why.

Petal Stitch - right one is outline and dc.Left one is stem stitch and dc .Have you ever seen a pendant pointing upward ? So outline stitch it is...
Here's a quick tutorial...

step 1: Up at A,down at B and come up at C.

step 2: pull the thread through

step 3: Make a detached chain at c. Come up at a point half the length of the outline stitch.

step 4: Take the needle through the detached chain for the next outline stitch.

Having some fun ;)

My learning for the week is done.I've stitched it on my ROSE sampler and written the name of the stitch alongside.If anyone is learning a new stitch and recording it, do let me know.I too would like to try it out.
Love,Luck and sunshine,


Patty said…
I love how this one looks! I have got to try this.
Anonymous said…

Its time for me to start. I have been a silent visitor of your blog since sep '08. You are brilliant . I am very keen in learning hand works and I have learnt hand embroidery. Am planning to start a blog to showcase my samples.....Plz continue posting.

Thanks a ton,
LV said…
simple but wonderful. hanks for sharing. I always come here to learn new stitches. I am not even in a beginner level but your explanations are very easy even for me to understand. Thanks again ^_^