The nightmare in Mumbai is finally OVER!!!

The heart is heavy and the mood is sombre.After almost 60 hours of fighting the city of Mumbai has been released from the bloody hands of the terrorists.The past 3 days have been equivalent to a nightmare.We were all glued to the television, hoping ,praying, for things to come to an end and indeed, today morning it all ended with the body of the last terrorist falling out of the window of The Taj.
That beautiful heritage building is in shambles,so is the Trident Oberoi. The Nariman house seems no longer livable.All these buildings stand silent witnesses to gory happenings that went on inside.Bodies are still being taken out from Taj. Number of deaths have reached 200 and may still increase.
What was all the more heartbreaking were the funeral scenes of the young Major and that of the Anti terrorist cell chief who went down fighting. The buildings could be restored,businesses could be built up ,but what of those who lost their lives? Can someone bring them back? And look at the irony- the one terrorist who was captured, pleads that he wants to live!!! Didn't he think for one moment that others too would have the same wish,to live,to be with their loved ones? Why can't these terrorists just let people be irrespective of belief or country? Does it matter that a person is Hindu, Christian ,Muslim, British,American or Jewish? Is it not enough that he is not an animal,but a human with a heart ?
Nothing more..
Let us shed a drop of tear for the martyrs...
Let us light a candle...
Let us just pray..may this never happen again...


Patty said…
I am so sorry this happened in your country, Deepa. It's all so sad and unnecessary. I'm just so glad you and your family live in a different city. Take care.
méri said…
Oh! My thoughts are with you, Deepa!
Anonymous said…
Dear Deepa, I was thinking to you, seing TV. We are all in war, it's so sad.
after the 1° mondial war, we said "nver war", but they are so many: men are craies.
Here it's the 1° day of Advent, the first candle will be for you and your and our countries, we are linked together.
I am so sorry to have your lovely city attacked, Deepa. It changes the world to have so much hatred and violence so close. But you will recover. It is a slow process but embroidery helps remind you of the beauty also in the world.

Start something special and it will help you heal.

Hugs from the other side of the world in Chilly Hollow.
Gina said…
I just found your blog while looking for Indian embroidery information. Your work is so beautiful!

I am so sorry for the tragedy that has taken place in Mumbai. There is nothing more I can think of to say.

Hello Deepa, I was very sorry to see the awful tragedy that happen in Mumbai. Very sad indeed. I will never understand why terriotist do these kinds of things. Hugs Judy in snowy Michigan