Lavangam Stitch-Indian Embroidery

Today Iam going to tell you about a stitch called Lavangam stitch.The word 'Lavangam' means clove and the name came about as this stitch resembles the spice clove .Now, tell me which is the stitch that resembles a clove?
It is nothing but the Pistil stitch (long tailed french knot)which is one of the common stitches used in dimensional embroidery.It is best worked with milliner's needle or straw needle,but since these needles are not available in India,we make do with the ordinary embroidery needles.
Lavangam stitch is used usually along with sequins and beads to make sarees and dress materials more attractive.Once the thread is wrapped around the needle, before piercing the fabric,place the sequin and take the needle through the hole in the sequin and pull the thread as usual to complete the stitch.

A Lavangam stitch flower with shadow worked center.Phew!! it does require patience!! All these while I've just pistil stitching stamens of flowers.Petals with pistil stitch is first time for me.
An earlier half hearted attempt...
By the way, can you imagine what will happen if you try to embroider with a 3 year old trying her level best to help you out to choose the colors? This...

A tangled mess...waaaaah.... :(

And then what does she do???



sharonb said…
Hi Deepa - interesting story about the name of the stitch - I wonder if it originally came from India as it does look like a clove!

Thought I had better let you know that I have anew blog and the old one will come down soon . The new one is at
Denise Felton said…
Beautiful, as always, Deepa. I've scheduled a link to this post to go live on my blog later this morning (Central USA time). I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.

And what a precious little one you have!

Hello Deepa, I love looking at and learning from your special stitches. Please email me and I will send along some Milliner needles. Hugs Judy
divya said…
hi deepa ,can u explain how to stitch lavangam stitch a bit in detail i have been trying sinc ea long time to learn but was never able to hope i will get it from u,also with sequens pls
Deepa said…
Hope you are reading this. Lavangam stitch is nothing but Pistil stitch.Do you know french knots? See this tutorial to learn french knots
In french knot you come up at a point and go down at the same point.In pistil stitch ,come up at a point, wrap the thread 2 or 3 times around the needle and then go down at a distance.You'll get a french knot with a tail.
Hope this helps.