Wearable Brazilian Embroidery

Hi all,
Am back!!! Haven't stitched much other than some sample flowers for my online course in Brazilian Embroidery which started last week. And for the first time,I also tried out BE in a shirt of mine . The pattern is adapted from the one I gave out to those who've taken up the course with a variation on the type of flowers.Here's the pic

I hope my students recognize these flowers :)
The design is placed vertically and not horizontal as you see in photo.
If you find the colors a little dull , that's how I wanted it to be .(the camera flash too played its part in emphasizing it ) The shirt is pink and I didn't want the embroidery to stand out by itself. And I can never bring myself to wear too brightly embellished stuff.
Now when I analyze my work - am ok with it - neither too happy nor too proud of my work.Just ok!!


Glass Beads said…
very neat work Deepa :) well done