Pachis Work-Indian Embroidery

Hi all,
Thank you for all your comments on Chemanthy tutorial. Will very soon come up with some variations of kadai kamal and chemanthy.
Today,I'll show you another style of Indian embroidery.This is a very simple method used for borders and seams.Most of you will be able to do this on seeing the stitched pattern.
Ok,here goes..

This method is known as Pachis work.Pachis means twenty five in Hindi.The method is probably called so because the shape of the pattern resembled the Indian Board game called Pachis ,but Iam not too sure about it. Repeat this pattern for a beautiful effect.Here, there are 5 squares vertically and horizontally; you can reduce it to 3 each as shown below.

Multiple colors can be used when embroidered on dress materials.There are some variations too of this method.About those,may be some other day.


  1. thanks Deepa, it's interesting to know new stitches, new technics; it's a manner to travel around the world . Only with a threads!

  2. Hi I left a comment for this in Stitchinfingers.Is there a Board game called pachis..Is it the same as Dayam of Tamilnadu.[chaturanga].I thought it was because of the number of stitches done.I have seen patterns which had 25 stitches.

  3. thanks for the easy tutorial ....and see my work ..


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