Pachis Work-Indian Embroidery Tutorial

Hello ladies,

Did you like Pachis work? Iam sure most of the experienced stitchers out there would've guessed how to stitch it. But we need to think about the first timers too,right? So here's a photo tutorial for Pachis work.

Step 1 :
Draw the pattern.For a large fabric,repeat this or any variation of this pattern throughout.You can make lines,triangles,squares,square inside a ladder like box etc - all depends on your imagination.

Step 2:
Start from one end.You've to stitch one half of the cross here.

Step 3:
This is how it looks now.

Step 4:
Completing the cross on the return journey.

Step 5:
Another cross stitch done horizontally.

Step 6:
Come up at the center.Stitch a small cross stitch to tack the previous stitches down .

Repeat this for the entire pattern .

This completes Pachis work.Wish I had a fabric to show you the completed work.There's nothing new in the type of stitches used.Infact, most of the Indian embroidery uses common stitches known to the world-it is how they are incorporated into the fabric that makes the Indian Embroidery styles unique.

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  1. Hi Deepa,
    Your embroidery works are really cool and you are putting lot of effort for this. Keep the posts coming. I got the link for your blog from IndusLadies. I love embroidery, and you are explaining each and every step of the process. Thanks a lot for this.

    If you find time pls do visit my blog also


  2. Thanks for the detailed instructions on every embroidery stitch.

  3. Hi Deepa
    I am really enjoying your series of India stitches and your tutorials on how to do them. Keep them coming please.


  4. Deepa, I've enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing your fantastic embroidery skills. Your work is just fabulous!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I'm glad that you enjoyed my t-shirt yarn tutorial. Take care.

  5. Deepa, do you use a regular pencil to draw your lines? Or something that will wash out later?

  6. Hello Deepa, I love the Pachis work, very pretty. I really enjoy learning all your new stitches. Hugs Judy

  7. Hello Deepa.

    I am regular visitor of your blog I think for about 6 months now. I am learning more about Indian embroidary from your blog. Good work, keep it up.

    I am a new blogger. Please do visit my blog too.


  8. hi deepa,
    you have a wonderful blog! i am a regular reader of your blog. i tried your kamal kadai came out really well.keep posting such tutorials... thanks a ton..


  9. Deepa, I got the link to your blog from Sharon B's Inaminuteago... your work is lovely, and your attention to detail for the tutorials is awesome! I've put you in my RSS, can't wait to see what else you'll be up to! Cheers from Sarah E. in Texas!

  10. Hi deep a I saw a different way of pachas work similar to ketch will b grateful if u add this in ur tutorial


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