Chementhy Stitch-Indian Embroidery,a variation

Here's something for Chementhy stitch enthusiasts. This is a slight variation of the original chementhy stitch stitched in such a way as to look like a flower. "Chementhy" means chrysanthemum and the work generally looks best when stitched with yellow and white on a dark background.In case you've missed the tutorial of the chementhy work,click here . What you see below is stitched in the same way,except for variation of the length of the stitches.

I know the stitching is bad and the color too dull-The idea came to me all of a sudden and I had to try it out immediately.The pic is that of my first trial.The flower will look good with a brighter color .

Do I need to explain how this was stitched? The pic should give you a rough idea.Just vary the length of the stitches to form petals.Leave me a comment in case you've not got it .I'll try to help.


  1. Deepa,
    How do I learn to start embroidery like this? Where do I start?
    alicia in Hawaii

  2. This is a very pretty flower motif.

  3. another GREAT tuutorial. i really look forward to these. Thanks so much!

    Ruth M

  4. This stitch is awesome! Thanks for providing the tutorial and this variation, I've got them bookmarked.

  5. I came to your blog via Sharon Boggon and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to put the tutorials together. Much appreciated.

  6. Looks like i might have to try this... I doubt it will look anything like yours but... practice makes perfect right?

  7. I adore this kind of stitching - thanks so much for sharing it with us Deepa and for all the lovely clear instructions!

  8. Hello Deepa, Love this stitch. Thanks for sharing it with us. I have taken your advise and did a couple of tutorials on my blog if you would like to have a look. Hugs Judy

  9. Hi Deepa,The stitch looks very good.It was areally good idea to vary the length of the stitches.Sita

  10. Deepa, I am in late, but I have understood your variation. I think it's beautiful, mais not so evident ant I think that it's preferable to draw before stitch.

  11. Please post the recent chamanti work of your as early as possible, i liked that work very much it is very much similar like real chamanti

  12. Hi Deepa,
    Just landed in on my my "surf board" VBG
    I am intrigued with this flower you stitched.. I think I will try it although stitching is one of my weak points... Thanks ... your blog is very interesting...

  13. Dear deepa,
    I need help in this. I tried the chemanthy ..will post my work in my soon. But this one in the picture, I didn't get it.

    Couldyou pls explain it with the dots like you have explained in the tutorial?...I appreciate if you could send an email to my personal emailid..

    Great tutorial by the way. Thanks..I tried something new.


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