Chemanthy Work-Indian embroidery

Finally managed to take better snaps today.Here in India this method is known as Chemanthy work. Usually beads or stones are attached at the centre to make it look more attractive.Iam still trying to find out more about the same. Iam repeating my question- Does this resemble any stitch or any form of embroidery practised elsewhere?


nithi said…
Hi Deepa,
It's nice of u to teach us all.Its very nice.I would like to thank you.Pls. tell me what thread u used [thread name].
Deepa said…
Hi Nithya,
Hope you are reading this.
I've used Anchor Pearl cotton threads for both Kamal kadai and Chemanthy.
Thank u for the kind words
Anonymous said…
hi deepa!
thanks for teaching looks so easy with your instruction
Sita said…
Hi Deepa, It is very apt that this stitch has the name Chemanthi,as it really resembles the chrysanthamum.I came here via St-F.-the Pachis kuttu tutorial .I dontknow if you got your answer yet,but here goes....I came across this stitch in a Tamil Embroidery book where it is called the plaited wheel[Pinnal chakaram in Tamil].I had tried it in my rough -sampler with Stranded cotton ,which gives a much more closer/softer effect.
Anonymous said…
Your blog is wonderful !
Sharron Arnold said…
Chemanthy stitch is lovely. Thankyou for your tutorial. Have just found this site and it is wonderful!!!