Tip for bloggers-Find out what others are saying about you

I've been trying to find a way to track fellow bloggers who link to my post.Wordpress has an option for this,but blogger does not seem to provide one.After searching around in Google, I finally found few methods.Here's how :

Method 1:
Most of you may be familiar with this .Very simple and effective.
To see what people are talking about your blog type the below in the URL field.Instead of my blogname,give yours.

Method 2:
You've to use Google for this :)
This method will alert you whenever someone(who is indexed on Google) links to you
1. Type www.google.com/alerts in the URL box
2. In the search term field, give --- xyz.blogspot.com

3. In the type field, select “Blogs”
4. In the “How often” field, select “As it happens” (second option)
5. In the email field, give your email.

That’s it. Now whenever, a site that’s indexed on Google links to you, you’ll get an alert mail in your inbox. You can also sign in to change these alerts at a later time.
You can use the same method for your website also.Change the above values accordingly.
Credit for this info goes to this blogger here

Method 3:
Finally,not very comprehensive but you can try it out
In the Google Search box type "link:www.yoursite.com" or "link:xyz.blogspot.com"


Swapna said…
Hi Deepa....

Thanks....I have activated the alerts..your directions were easy to follow...nandiyundu ketto..!
Jackie said…
What about 'stat counter'? Thats the best. I've never looked back since I found that. Look on my blog and click the link to find out how to get one. I don't mean the thing at the bottom but a discreet blue square button. Its the best thing!
Lisa said…
You can also go to: http://wholinkstome.com/

It will show you tons and tons.

I am a new reader and am enjoying your blog so much. I am linked to you but right now I have you on my yahoo page rather than my blog, just because that's how I have my feeder set up. I need to get you linked to both!