Ms.Lily says Hello!!! and message for Anne Gailhbaud

Ms. Lily got fed up of hiding in the closet and wanted to meet my blogoland friends.Come on everyone, wish her too...
Jokes apart, this pretty (??) lady is a part of my self conceptualised BE project.Click on the image for a better view.The pattern is from .
This is my first attempt to embroider a human using BE techniques.And the last time Iam going to actually stitch the facial features.All my next ladies are going to be faceless!!!
The lady's gown has its faults- her tailor was a rather average one ,hee,hee... She has decided to go for a better one next time (BIG grin)
Before signing off, let me jot down the small message which I've been trying to send ever since I received Anne gailhbaud's message send via Elizabeth of Quieter Moments.
Hello Anne, I've been trying to get in touch with you for past few weeks.The mail which I had sent to the id given in your website came back.So,as the last step, Iam posting the message here.
Thank you for your kind thoughts. Your work is wonderful,especially the embroidery. May be one day I'll become as good as you are .
Keep stitching,
Love,Luck and sunshine


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