Ms.Lily in the garden-Brazilian Embroidery

Let me show you what Iam working on at present.The first post about it was here. Now the stitched piece looks like this..

Finally,Ms.Lily has ventured into the garden to pluck some roses.... :)) The garden is not yet in full bloom. There's still some stitching left - the flowers in her gown needs to be completed, the plant in the front row is not done and some little things here and there. Except for Ms.Lily,the whole pattern is my own.The stitching is not at all perfect,but Iam working towards it.

As Iam nearing the end of this project,I realise that embroidery also teaches you a few things about yourself- like,I've understood that I've this awful tendency to try a do a lot of things together and finally messing up everything.I've also the habit of leaving one task incomplete and starting another one.I also try to hurry and finish so as to see the final outcome, thus spoiling the beauty of leaves and flowers .All this was evident while stitching this piece.My impatience shows in my stitching.

Finally,a note of thanks.After I'd drawn up the design,though I was sure of how I'll be stitching the flowers,I did not have much idea for the leaves. It was this post by Elizabeth of Quieter Moments that inspired me to try out woven picot. Many thanks to you Elizabeth! - not just for this,but for the many encouraging words you have passed on to me - Thanks a you.


Patty said…
Your embroidery is really pretty!