Dumb !!! Who Me???

Good Morning!!! A new day and something new is about to be started.I've just finished tracing a pattern on to the cloth. The pattern had been in my mind for some time now.Its not completely original,though. I'll give credits when the time comes. And sorry, no pics for now. Let me see how it turns out.

Oh yes,the purpose of this post was something else - to reveal the dumbest thing I've done in the recent times- there I was,spending what seemed to be a looooooong time ,drawing through all the possible lines and once done, I , the most intelligent duffer on earth,peeled off the pattern paper and the carbon and what do I see- BLANK CLOTH!! How on earth???

I had traced the pattern with carbon paper in reverse -duhh!!! Usually I do check atleast once if the tracing is coming on nicely,this time I didn't do it even once!!! -Aargh.. Some one should've clicked a snap of me at that instance.

Thus the whole 'beautiful' process was repeated again,this time successfully and my pet project is all ready to be worked on.Come to think of it, there may be many of you out there who have done something like this one time or the other.Come on!! don't lurk..leave a comment and tell us what it was. Or should I tag someone and make them reveal it??