Just a pestering thought

Some questions that have been bothering me for quite sometime now

What is contentment?
Can we 'make' ourselves content? Or is it something we practice to attain?

I'm leading a reasonably good life (note the word -'reasonably'), have a great husband,have a beautiful daughter,have my own job,I pursue my hobbies,have an apartment of our own,have a car...but still if someone asks me how's life? ,I would whine and crib non stop ; which obviously means that means Iam not content.
I could've said that I'm leading a fantastic life,instead of a 'reasonably good life'.But Iam just not able to.I don't want to put on a plastic smile and just say - yup,my life's great!!! I want it to come from within,to be a genuine feeling.Sigh!! I just want to be happy with whatever I have.

Tell me,are u content? Or is just natural for a human to be discontented always ?
Please,if anyone knows the trick to be content do share with me too.


Elisabeth Braun said…
I think it's a common trait, but it doesn't have to be one we put up with. I personally find that, if a life has real purpose, meaning and hope, then the disontentment will go. I've found all these from getting to know the Bible well. If you contact Jehovah's Witnesses in your area, (they are certainly in India), they'll be able to organise to study with you and answer many of life's big questions. That should help! That's what works for me anyway!=)
Roopa said…
Hello Deepa,
Love your blog, and all your work. I have visited here several times for inspiration. I know its very late to answer to this post, but really felt like.
I think the real secret to being content is to compare our life to people who have real problems in life. They are everywhere around us. Most of us just do the opposite, and make ourselves miserable.
I am sure you have figured out your answer already, what do you think?