African Violets-Brazilian Embroidery,attempting with Anchor Perle cotton

I've wanted to create a few samplers of BE stitches and the various flowers for quite some time.But it was getting postponed for some reason or the other. Also somewhere in the back of my mind was the desire to do something on my own rather than follow instructions that come along with kits.And on top of all this, I wanted to try doing BE with the Anchor perle cotton threads .Edmar not being available in India,this was what a few of my country mates had suggested.

Coming to the above pic,I've hurriedly fulfilled all 'wants' of mine .The design is called 'African Violets' and it is done in Bullions(aargh!!) French knots and a combination of alternate satin stitch and satin stitch.The threads are Anchor perle Cotton.And let me tell you,after working with Edmar threads,these seem to be err...umm..Iam not getting any words to describe..

Just for comparison,see this pic of Japanese violets done in Edmar.

The conclusion..better off with Edmar than anything else.I am going to order a new bunch soon.
As far as the design is concerned, its a very simple one and can be used to learn Bullions(which Iam still messing up,as you can see in the pic).
The embroidery was also done in a bit of a hurry,so it lacks finesse.May be I should attempt it 'slowly' once again.