African Violets-BE,restitched and the pattern

Here's the restitched version of African Violets.I used Edmar Lola for the flowers and Anchor perle cotton for leaves.Much better than the cotton version ,don't you think?Still a lot of room for improvement,though. The Bullions are a little curly,maybe I should have reduced the number of wraps.When its a bunch of flowers,the petals get all twisted and overlapped.So,I guess this looks ok. (Iam trying to pacify myself ) .Again,Edmar threads for leaves would've given a better effect.

Here's the sketch I used for stitching.Not a great pattern,but this is my first.If anyone likes to try it out in the same way or using a different stitch, you're welcome.Do link back to this post if you do.There are three flowers,two full and one half.Leaves are oval in shape.The flowers in the sketch are actually bigger than what I stitched.Smaller size looks better.