Ellen's Basket--almost complete

Long time since I posted last.Was a bit down physically and otherwise.Things are getting back to normal slowly .Here's the latest pic of my BE project.I've finished the flowers in the center and outlined a couple of baskets.

Those flowers in the middle are called Japanese Violets and have been done entirely with bullions.The center of the flowers,as usual ,in french knots.The outlining is still left.Hadn't imagined that it would be such a boring job.I should've done that each time I completed the flowers.


Anonymous said…
Deepa, it's so good to see all the work coming together on the lovely baskets. And I hope you feel up to par soon.

Grihini said…
wow, way to go. You are almost done! And the baskets look so good. I must admit, you've got amazing patience to complete such a huge task.
Anonymous said…
The basket is really pretty!!!

I don't think these threads are available in india.

Deepa said…
Thanks Kirti, and unfortunately you're right. The threads are not available here. It is available in Srilanka though,but they charge much more than the actual.