Peach Blossom-In Progress

Here's the last basket in the BE kit at its half way stage.Had wanted to put up the picture once the whole thing is done,but with a lot of professional commitments embroidery somehow slipped through the crack.So,this is the present status for all those who are curious about the progress.Some times,I do wonder, is there anyone who comes here regularly? If yes,please leave a comment,I would love to make some friends.
The stitch used is detached buttonhole and as is seen in the pic, the petals are attached only at its base.My next step would be to tack it down with some straight stitches from the center and then fill the center with french knots.I've used NOVA from Edmar and the experience wasn't very pleasing as it was a very heavy one.I do like the detached buttonhole stitch though.Infact,I'd used anchor floss to create flowers with this stitch in my messy little buttonhole/blanket stitch sampler.

If done carefully,this stitch creates a beautiful 3D effect.My peach blossoms hopefully will look prettier when tacked down.
Will post the completed basket soon..


coral-seas said…
Hi Deepa

I have subscribed to your blog with bloglines so every time you post, I am notified and come to see how you are progressing.

I am quite tempted by BDE, so am really enjoying seeing our baskets evolve.

Deireth said…
I also subscribe to your blog through my email. Enjoy it very much.