Peach Blossom-Brazilian Embroidery

I've completed sewing the last of the eight baskets of my BE project.Stems have been stitched with satin stem stitch.The petals,as posted earlier, have been done in detached buttonhole and tacked down with three straight stitches.Center is filled with 10 wrap french knots using fine Glory.The satin stem stitch was new to me,although the method is very simple; go from bottom of the stem to top doing the simple stem stitch and then come back in the other direction repeating stem stitch again.
So, what next? There's one more flower left in the center and the baskets too need to be stitched up.That's for the next post.


Anonymous said…
Great to see that the eight baskets are completed, Deepa. They are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing next step with this embroidery.

Grihini said…
Wow, u completed 8 baskets? way to go girl! Will look forward to seeing you compelte the entire thing.
Lindi said…
Your Brazilian embroidery is lovely. Wish I could do it!
Thanks for dropping by my blog, and yes, you will go in the draw for the fabric. Good luck!