Cross Needle Hydrangea-Brazilian Embroidery

Another basket in Ellen's Basket is done.This time its Cross Needle Hydrangea.Its called so because there is no stitching involved in the flowers.Two needles are inserted in the form of a cross and the Boucle thread is wrapped around the needles.Then, they are fastened with tacks.

This one was not new to me as I'd stitched the same flowers in my first BE project.Infact,I like the other one better.The blue Boucle thread that came with this one is so dull whereas the previous one was so bright.Unfortunately,I've no other option but to go with this color as this is the only one I have.Wish we could get Edmar threads here in India.
As usual ,the leaves have been stitched with leaf stitch,the stems with stem stitch,branches couched with Lola and fine growth couched with fine thread.


grihini said…
Dont worry.. the blue flowers look good. I like them :)