An update

Last few days were pretty busy.We had a get together at our home on Sunday with all our friends whom we had known for the past 10 years.And this coincided with the Friendship day.We even named it as G2G-celebrating 10 years of togetherness!!!
G2G stands for Get "to"Gether.Doesn't it sound cool??? :))
Now,cooking for 15 people was something I had not attempted before.So,the week before that was spent on preparing myself for what I considered an enormous task.On the D-day,instead of preparing very large quantity of 1 or 2 items,I cooked 5 or 6 items in reasonably large quantities.Each family brought in 1 item to supplement the available dishes.To some extent,yes,it was a Potluck,but a partial one.
What fun we had,reminiscing our college days and the dozing of during lectures,gossiping about..hmmm..various topics,and finally the photo session with everyone trying to fit into one single photo.By evening,some were already planning for the next G2G.

G2G done with,I've another deadline looming over my head.This time my situation is precarious.I've been given just ten days to finish a manual!!! Iam sitting and brooding over it now.Wish I had a magic wand which I could just wave and produce whichever document I need..aha!!!