Cast On Flowers

This week again I've managed to kill two birds with a stone!!! Cast on stitch was the TAST stitch of the week and that led to my completing the third basket in BE project.It's called Cast On flowers.The flowers have 5 petals each with 20-25 cast ons.The center is filled with french knots.The buds have two petals and are tacked down with couching.The calyx of the buds is a 15 wrap bullion.Here's the pic. back to my technical writing.


Dy said…
Lovely! Doesn't Cast On stitch make beautiful flowers.

Thanks for leaving me a comment, unfortunately I've been very remiss with my TAST samples recently - some catching up to do!
Vivian said…
The thread you are using shows the stitches very nicely.
Bhavani said…
Wow! That is all I can say. Whar type of thread are you using?