TAST 23-Wheat Ear stitch

Managed to stitch a li'l bit this week .This time it's wheat ear stitch sampler for TAST.I'm not going to explain the pictures,coz I don't know what I've done :-)) Sometimes its just enough to let go and do whatever comes to u at the moment.Here it is.

As usual,my camera doesn't do justice to the colors.May be some day I'll get a better one.

All are different variations of wheat ear,except for the base and stem of the blue flower.

For the top curve from the left hand side I've done detached wheat ear,Elizabeth's variation of wheat ear (if you pull it too tight the cloth puckers ),wheat ear type 1,wheat ear type 2 and the variations in detached wheat ear.

These are the my sources of info about wheatear

Wheat ear variation 1 - sharon's and Primrose Stitch school (great tutorials)

Wheat ear variation 2,Detached Wheatear,Tete de Boeuf - Needlecrafter.com

There's a wheatear stitch sampler here too.


neki desu said…
thanks for sharing your links. i found the primrose stitch school very clear. in fact i'll go back and try the stitch again.
your sample is very cool wheat in the tropics!!


neki desu