Loop Stitch or Ceylon stitch??

For the past couple days,I had been trying to find a stitch similar to this variation of wheat ear stitch that Elizabeth of quieter moments had done for Sharon's TAST .I think I've found it atlast.Here is the picture..

I found this picture from this document

Loop-Stitch Embroidery: Peruvian and Elizabethan, Durkin, Jennie. The Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club, Vol. 72 (1989)

Ofcourse ,there are minor differences when compared with Elizabeth's variation,but there are similarities too.

I'll leave a comment at quieter moments so that she can come and have a look.


  1. hi

    thanks for the link. it's one of my favorite on line archives,yet i was under (the wrong) impression that it was just weaving documents.
    i'll check the reference from Lagatera in Toledo. all i know is that they are famous for their embroidery.will let you know

    thanks for stopping by my blog

    neki desu

  2. Hi Deepa,

    Thank you for letting me know about your post. I will be checking into
    this stitch as a possible identification. I just got back from Father's
    Day shopping so I've not had time to check very much yet.

    I think it's a stitch I've done before, but didn't consider as a match
    because the way it is worked and the appearance of the finished
    stitching is different than my variation on the wheatear. But I will be
    stitching a bit to see and let you know what I find. The link you provided
    looks like a very nice place to do research in.

    My goal is to find the an identical stitch documented or one that is a
    more closely related than the wheatear. Thanks again for your interest
    and help in the process.

    Best regards,

    Postscript: Deepa, I tried emailing you about this but the email address on the comment didn't work. If you would like to please send me an email at emmars@prodigy.net with a subject line about the stitch variation and that way I may correspond with you about this. There is no need to approve this comment for your blog as I'm basically only wishing to let you know that I'm checking into this and asking for an email address. Thank you.


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