French Knots-Brazilian Embroidery-TAST 24

This week I restarted my Brazilian Embroidery project which had been put aside for some time.The inspiration ofcourse comes from Sharon's TAST,which had french knots as the stitch to explore last week.BE is what comes to my mind when I hear French Knots,bcoz I learnt this stitch while doing my first BE project.The kit Iam doing now is called Ellen's Basket and has around nine or ten flower baskets.

I've just completed the flower part of the first basket called Creeping Flower.There are French Knots ,Long-tailed French Knots or Pistil Stitch,Bullions ,Stem Stitch and Couching for fine growth and branches.As is the practice,the threads used are EDMAR rayon threads.Here is a close up..psssst....don't look very closely at my bullions and french knots...they are the work of an amatuer.

For those of you who are still uncomfortable with french knots ,here is a video tutorial for french knots. You can also download another video tutorial from HeritageShoppe.Just click on the image and choose either save or open.

Brazilian Embroidery is a three dimensional embroidery form done using Z-twisted Rayon threads.For those of you who are interested in learning BE,here is the link to the free designs at .


  1. I love this beautiful and delicate work, Deepa. It looks to me like you not only took care of the week with French knots but also anticipated the bullion knots and got them done ahead of schedule.

  2. your embroidery is lovely ... I do think Brazilian embroidery will be my next step!

  3. Hey Deepa..
    do you have the snap of the finished project?
    And i would love to know if the outline you make fades or disappears..coz i love to embroider my daughter's dresses with this...


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