Cretan and feather stitch sampler-TAST #4,#7,#12,#13

Not a great one,but my sole aim was to learn the stitches.Infact,when I keep analysing this work ,I find myself hating it.
Bottom line : Closed feather ( still not perfect) and single feather stitch
Second from bottom : Chained feather stitch
Right hand side : Feather stitch
Left hand side : Double (triple???) feather and up and down feather stitch. Why is double feather called "double" and not triple when infact there are 3 on either side???
Top line : I was getting confused with cretan and feather.The blue line on top is my gradual variation of cretan into feather.The stitches are the same,except for the angle .I started with open cretan,moved on to closed cretan,then on to knotted cretan and finally the feather stitch.
The tree trunk: Cretan and knotted cretan so as to get the rough texture.
Leaves : Open and closed cretan.
Creeper : all kinds of Feather stitch .It has been used to couch the ropes of the swing.
Grass : Knotted Cretan
All stitch instructions are available in Sharon's stitch dictionary