Chain stitch-TAST #10,#15,#20

My chain stitch sampler is finally complete.The horizontal and vertical borders are the "learning lines".No other stitch has been used.
Bottom line and the one above (touching the grass) : simple chain,double layered chain (created as a mistake while attempting heavy chain),zig zag chain,rosette chain.I've left some space there to do crested chain.
Left hand side :Open chain,twisted chain,heavy chain,rosette chain,oyster stitch and cable chain.
Right hand side : Alternating chain,detached chain,double layered chain,reverse chain, alternating barred chain

Top : Barred chain,cable chain and Butterfly chain.

I've used oyster stitch for the red flower and alternating barred chain for the stems.Grass has been stitched using twisted chain,the butterflies using triple chain and detached chain and the trees using oyster,detached,double layered and butterfly chain. I had a problem with the tension while doing butterfly chain.The cloth is puckered a little bit over there.Will have to practice a little more.

My golden swan is in simple chain,barred chain,twisted chain and detached chain.

The border of the lake is couched with open chain otherwise known as singalese chain.

All the stitch instructions could be found here ,and here


Elizabeth said…
Deepa, your embroidery work is wonderful. The pictures are good, full of interesting things and I enjoy the way the borders are filled up with samples of the variations on the stitch. Perhaps one day your daughter will be using these to learn her stitching.

I enjoyed seeing your grandmother's work in a post further back.

Thank you for leaving the comment on my Quieter Moments blog for it made it so that I could find you.
neki desu said…
thank you for your sweet and kind words.i think your work is exquisite don't be so hard on yourself.
thanks for stopping by

neki desu
Hey Deepa, I was cruising through Mary Corbet's July stash post and saw your comment on chain stitch so I just had to check out your work. I love it! So creative!

I have been posting a bit on chain stitch myself recently, in particular Irish Step Dancing dresses. Here's a post that has links to all my other posts about the embroidery if you want to check them out:

I love chain stitch. It's so versatile.