Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch-Tast #2,#11

Finally,my sampler for Blanket/Buttonhole stitch is done.It is totally done in Buttonhole.Nothing else has been used.Here it is.

The pictures look a bit washed out since I had to manipulate them a little to make the stitches clearer.
The top row has closely placed Blanket stitch/Buttonhole stitch and two little flowers in BH
On the left side there is Closed BH,Crossed BH,Triple BH and Crossed Up and Down BH .

Long and Short BH in the form of a circle is onthe right hand side Top corner .

On the right side ,I've done Berwick stitch (or is it True Buttonhole stitch as Rissa says???),uneven ButtonHole and Up and down BH one below the other. I tried Sharon's instructions for Berwick and then Rissa's instructions for TBH.The output seemed to be the same to me.Or, did I do it wrong???

Now the stitches in my garden...
Yellow flowers at the lefthand side bottom corner are BH wheels .The leaves are also in BH with the stitches done from outside to inside.The stem is in triple up and down BH.This is a new variety done by Elizabeth of Ouieter moments.
There is some couching done with up and down BH.That's Tast-week 12 :-)

I've used detached BH for the yellow/blue flower and the red/ yellow flowers .The fine growth for yellow/blue is in double BH and the stem in up and down.The leaf of red/yellow is again BH inside out.
Hmmm...what else is left???
For the remaining I've used Barb stitch,Rosette of Thorns,triple up and down,up and down and
button hole bar.

I think I've learned almost all variations of BH stitch with this sampler .This list does not seem to be complete coz while googling for information on Buttonhole stitch,I found this on wikipedia.Or,has Sharon used some other name for these stitches?Anyways,my quest for German knotted BH stitch took me to this Free e-book, "Encyclopedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont".You can download it by clicking on the link.It has some instructions on German Knotted BH stitch,but I couldn't make any sense of it.If someone knows how to do the same,please post the instructions.


shirley said…
Yes Deepa, Wow, you have covered so many variations of buttonhole. Tell me is the German knotted buttonhole the one that looks like it has a french knot on the top of the spoke, because i have the directions for that.if you can send your email address to me.

The name rings a bell and I am sure I have seen it.

regards, shirley.
shirley said…
Deepa I found the German knotted buttonhole stitch which is easy to understand. I have an "Anchor" Embroidery book and it is in that. Then I googled "German Knotted Buttonhole Stitch" and when it came up I scrolled down the results and there was one for the New Anchor Embroidery Book and the german knotted buttonhole stitch comes up.

I am sure you will be able to understand that one because the instructions in the little Anchor book are really clear.

regards, shirley