Five hour baby sweater

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying my hands at knitting.My daughter's doc has just become a father and I wanted to gift his baby a sweater.I got this pattern when I googled for baby sweaters.Its called 5 hour sweater,but it took me way toooooooooooo long to complete.Here is how the sweater looks

Half way through,I realised that this is not going to fit even a new born.The finished garment is supposed to measure 20 inches,but this one measures only 14.Maybe I should change the needle size from 10 to 8.The instructions did not mention buttonholes,so I did not bother to put any.Anyhow,this one is for the little one's doll.I think I'll start the process all over again,but this time with another set of needles and double the number of stitches.Hope that I can finish it before the little one starts walking :-))
In the meanwhile,I am also tempted to try out this pattern.It sure looks good.Maybe I'll try this one first .


Sowram said…
hi deepa
I didnot know you were so good at knitting.good work. I think it is one of the most relaxing activity.
keep it up