Learning BDE

I have added a few links on the sidebar today.Those are some of the pages which I frequently visit.There a few more which I'll be adding in the days to come.Its when I started visiting these pages that I realised that there are so many people out there who dedicate so much of their time in pursuing their hobbies and in teaching others.Until then,needlecraft was just something I did during my school days and knew very little about.Now,I've seriously started learning it .At present I am attempting to learn Brazilian Dimesional Embroidery.The stitches are pretty simple (atleast the basic ones) but the materials,especially the threads, are difficult to procure and.I've purchased a few learning kits from www.jdr-be.com and I've finished the first learning kit,the cross needle hydrangea.If anybody is interested in learning BDE,the site www.brazilian-dimensional-embroidery.org has some lessons on the basic stitches and a couple of free designs too.I'll try to upload my first BDE learning project very soon.